4 Ways to Make Google Love Your Content

4 ways to make google love your content

Why are we going down memory lane?

Back then, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) was as good as your keyword stuffing skills pay per click was as good as your budget and your Cost Per Click (CPC) bids, Social Media was alien, & laws were being made against Email Marketing and being classified as Spam without permission.

The common denominator that has lasted over the last decade and has actually become the deciding factor for anyone to buy anything from you, is Content! Even back then, the content was the gap between connecting a window-shopping into a lead, and a lead into a buyer. Albeit the content was in your face sales pitch with discounts, buy now, click here to order and so on… it was content nonetheless.

Fast forward a decade later and we now have two Internets. One is the world of Google (and other search engines) and the other world is Facebook (and other social media platforms). The common denominator remains the same i.e. Content! Your target audience will search on Google when they are researching or when they are directly ready to buy, whereas your target audience will engage with your content on Facebook irrespective of where they are in the buying cycle.

Ultimately you are trying to capture their attention either with limited title/headline space on Google Results, or a slightly more sophisticated presentation of the same content on social media platforms. We would like to point out when I say content, I am forming neutral i.e. article/blog post, video, podcast, book, eBook, etc.

Furthermore, Google has caught on every time sneaky marketers and webmasters have tried to beat their algorithms, and now it seems there is no beating them at all! Google does not take content that isn’t good quality (according to their algorithms) and Facebook audiences seeing your content will be merciless with their reviews if it is bad. Put the two together, and search engines take into account your social score as well. The more your content is reviewed, liked, shared, engaged with, the more search engines and social platforms will love it.

We think there are more than enough technical blogs out there talking about the nitty-gritty crawl rates, indexing, and how to increase and improve that, but this blog is not about that!

How to make Google Love Your Content?

# Reputation

Manage your reputation online, i.e. social media sites and review sites. Even if your reputation is bad, Google will love you and so will other search engines. I am not saying to manage and maintain a bad reputation that is just bad Online PR.

# Relationship

Your target audience and your customers should be your primary focus. Service them well and they’ll feed into your reputation always!

# Nurture Your Relationships

Engage with your audience and your customers online! Now, there is the kicker, you have to use Google+ as well. Even though it is nowhere close to being popular as Facebook, it is owned by Google and the content from your business pages on Google+ will always help your website.

# Numbers

The amount of content you publish determines the amount of brand engagement and therefore helps build your reputation, relationship with an opportunity to nurture your relationships with your audience and customers.


To make google loves your content, it requires you to follow all mentioned steps. But that’s not enough, you need to also craft the content based on the target location, user intent, and targeted keywords. And with the help of a precise piece of crafting, google definitely loves your content and consider it for a higher ranking as well.

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