I’m a Digital Marketer,

Karan Vora.

I am the person who likes to be updated with the world. But being a digital marketer, I mostly like to play with Search Engine.

My Story

I am Computer Science Engineer. As an engineer, I started my career as a web developer. But truly, I was a very bad developer which had no logic to develop any new things. So after that, I started my journey as a trainee SEO executive. And then I took the work experience with improving the knowledge each and every day. When I start my career in SEO, I didn’t know much about it. But after that, I found many interesting things in the SEO. And then I started my work as a full-time digital marketer. As of now, I am still working as a Digital Marketer with providing digital marketing consultation services as well. Being a digital marketer, I really like to generate more ROI through the USP and KPI.


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I am a very enthusiastic person who really likes to learn new things each time. I am also a founder of lootidea.com. Apart from the digital marketer, I am also a passionate gamer. So if you want to invite me for playing games then, of course, I will accept the invitation. (HAHA!!!). I am also a very friendly guy who also like to make new friends and travelling as well.


Founder of Lootidea.com

Lootidea.com is all about online offers, coupons, & deals. Lootidea is very big couponing site where user can also register as well. Currently, Lootidea is connected with 100+ stores. Lootidea provides all-time verified genuine deals.


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page rank

Page Rank & Target Location Strategy

Page rank is the crucial part of SEO. High page rank will drive more traffic with perfect search keywords and location targeting.


Link Building & Technical SEO Strategy

Comprehensive detailed audit and apply the latest best SEO practices on your website. High-Quality link building helps you to increase your website authority.


Conversion Optimization Strategy

Conversion Optimization will allow you to get more leads and sells from your website by removing the dead roadblocks.


Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing helps to build brand awareness, trust, and loyalty. Great content will drive more traffic and increases the reputation.


Branding Strategy

Branding is the most important aspect of marketing. It connects the target prospects more effectively and increases the strengthens of customer loyalty.

Geo Location

Local SEO Strategy

Local SEO services connect you with the more qualified local website’s traffic through the selected keywords and geographic targeting.






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