Google Just Roll Out Ask Us Feature

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Google Just Roll Out Ask Us Feature

Have you ever heard about ask question directly to Google till now? Well, this feature is not available on Google.


Ooopss, you are wrong!!!


Google just roll out ask us feature which is really cool and amazing. You can directly ask to Google if you can’t find an appropriate solution on Google.


Just Checkout below Image,


Google mobile ask feature

Till now, I never seen this feature in Desktop Google version. So, we can guess that as of now this feature available in mobile only and soon will come up in desktop version also.


But, No Idea! We can’t Predict in advance.


Honestly, this feature I saw only once when I was searching for something and couldn’t find the right solution and suddenly at the bottom of search result this thing were appear. And it’s first time google just rollout this amazing feature.


Did you ever see this feature before? Comment below with Yes or No.


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