How to remove fake negative review from your profile

A fake negative review is really the biggest problem for everyone. We genuinely work hard to gain positive customer reviews, but some fakers/haters can’t see your genuine business and providing the fake reviews. To creating a fake profile is really quick and easy also nowadays


We really require to deal with it. Reviews are really very important when you are doing online business. The reviews are also essential when it comes to increasing a business online. Many times it also happens that we can’t identify the fakers. The fake negative review really damages reputation. Have you any idea, how to stay away from the fake negative review?


The best idea is, there are also some ways available from which we can easily find negative fake reviews and also remove from our profile as well. For more details, please check below infographic guideline which made by Headway Capital.


Quick Guide Summary:

  1. Identify the fake reviews
  2. Report about the fake review
  3. How to respond the fake review
  4. Monitor the review
  5. Sources


Fake negative review
Courtesy of: Headway Capital

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