Latest 30 Web 2.0 Sites List 2018 with DA 60+

web 2.0 site list

Latest 30 Web 2.0 Sites List 2018 with DA 60+

As we know already that creation of web 2.0 or contextual link is really really very useful for the Backlinks and to derive traffic with increasing Domain Authority (DA), and Page Authority (PA) also. Most important thing is any Web 2.0 or contextual link creation is to, getting back dofollow backlink. Because, if any website provides the dofollow link then with backlink, website also provides some power which helps us to the increase PA and DA.


It has provided to the digital marketer a fully new approach and the way bigger potential to show their creativity and enhanced the transmission level of its audiences. It’s very easy job to the create web 2.0 or contextual backlinks. Every time you can’t have to use the same techniques. But, you have to use different techniques every time for different-different websites. And make sure that your target is completely specified.


Web 2.0 or Contextual link sites are really the best way to boost your keywords traffic, ranking, & yes, backlinks as well. Google definitely gives an advantage to your site if your website will be listed on the good site. Web 2.0 is also the best way to engaging with the individuals, businesses, and companies around the World.


How to create Web 2.0 or Contextual backlinks:

Please follow the below steps to create Web 2.0 or Contextual backlinks. (I personally suggest to follow the below steps.)


  1. Select websites one by one from the below Web 2.0 website list.
  2. Now, Sign up by provide some details like name, email ID, password, username or more.
  3. You can use any kind of registered email ID (Provide genuine e-mail id for the verification)
  4. After complete verification, login to your contextual link creation site and go to blog selction
  5. Now create page or post with high quality good and original content.
  6. Put your keywords in between the content. And convert your keyword in to the anchor text (Put your website link on your keyword).


Here, I will also provide some tips that how to create web 2.0 in the effective manner.


  • Do not use quality copy content
  • Use high quality content with proper keyword.
  • Create content with atleast 300 to 400 words.
  • Write only relevant content only
  • Try to add proper keywords and anchor text as well, to create the effective backlink.
  • Try to build your networking by joining or creating the relevant groups and communities.


Important Note:


  • Always try to provide maximum possibly original details.
  • And do not make too many web 2.0 or contextual link in just a single day.
  • Do not forget to add your website link in the Web 2.0
  • Recommend upto 2 web 2.0 in a single day.


If you make many profile backlinks in a single day then you will be listed in spam for sure.


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