How to Guest Post Your Way to Online Success?

Guest posting is one of the most successful Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques that have been ever applied to enhance traffic and SEO ranking for websites. It generates traffic for sure and is used primarily by website and blog owners to enhance page visibility on search engines such as Google. It is an instant way of attracting viewers who love to read and through the posts, you can share a wealth of knowledge with them about your brand, products, niche, and what not.

Interesting guest posts are shared and commented upon which ensure that the website becomes more visible. People clearly spend more time on websites that impart a lot of knowledge and reader-friendly. While with guest post services on another site, you can always give a subtle nudge towards your own site by a link here and there. Too many links can be a huge put-off for any reader, when placed in context it can arouse curiosity and if you are lucky, they will follow the link. That is certainly will increase traffic on your website.


If you have been wondering how to get started with guest posting here are a few useful pointers for you.


  • Selecting a niche that you are comfortable in is very important. Guest blogging services are continued work which needs to be done regularly. Therefore, unless you are comfy with the domain you will not be able to explore the various facets and incorporate the same in your work.


  • Once the niche has been finalized, you will also need to create a list of the top blogs being written in your domain so that you can create guest posts on them. Keep remembering the list of blog titles is unique and attractive in all ways and should include catchy words. Know the extent of the websites and get familiar with the targeted websites in every way possible. You will also have to take permission from the site to get your guest post published there.


  • Interaction with the blog or website owner is the first step to getting permission to write for them. Commenting on their posts creates a great impression and opens a way where you can ask for permission. Your comments should be insightful and a reference point where you can ask the owner to if you can write a blog for them. Be active on social networking sites and make the blog owners be aware of your presence. Once you are active on the blog ensure that your write-ups are delivered timely and contain authentic write-ups.


  • Guest posting is a great step toward building a relationship with other like-minded bloggers. When you add value to another person’s blog you are building a relationship with that person. Bloggers actually consist of a huge part of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.


  • Include an author’s biography at the end of the guest post and know that it is more of a marketing tool than anything else. It is the sole way in which you can establish your brand as a writer for that particular niche. You can also promote your own website and add a call to action for your readers.


  • Authenticity is the key to attract more readers to your website and also win the blog owner’s respect. Your write-ups must be written properly in a reader-friendly manner with plenty of research. Browse through the web and check out what kind of content has been published in that particular topic or niche. Make your content different from the existing ones by adding more information and evolving your unique style. Keep remembering the content should not be boring and should be true at all.


  • While approaching the blog owners, incorporate samples of your previous articles especially ones that have been republished several times and has a good number of readers and comments on the published content.


  • There are multiple sites available which can inform you of the topics on which you can guest post successfully. These websites tell you the page ranking, word count and how many links you can incorporate along with the byline. The results can be filtered according to keywords and categories.


  • Alternatively, there might be people who want to guest post on your website. This makes more sense that you provide them with the opportunity. It adds value to the website. Some people will also add links to their websites in their guest posts. This is a great practice because it helps in more sharing of the links.


Guest posting is an excellent way of expanding your horizon as a writer and reaching out for more acceptability. It boosts your online reputation and gets you featured in magazines, news sites and a variety of publications.


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